Tenant FAQ

When is my rent due and where do I pay my rent?

Rent is due on or before the 1st of the month and is considered late on the second. After the 5th a late fee of $5.00 per day will be added. If the office is closed please use the rent drop/mail slot to leave rent or other correspondence. Please clearly mark your name and house number.

Rent can be paid by mail to:

Western Property Service
P.O. Box 818 Winona Lake, IN 46590

What are acceptable forms of payment?

Acceptable forms of rent payment are personal checks (from a tenant), Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders and we accept cash at our office, Monday – Friday 10:00 – 6:00 PM.

How do I make a request for a maintenance problem?

You may submit a Maintenance Request online. You may call our Maintenance company at 260-403-2687. You may send our office an email w/subject MAINTENCE to georger@westernpropertyservice.com. Please make sure you include your name, telephone, address, and brief description. 

How long should I plan to wait to hear back from someone regarding a maintenance problem?

Non-emergencies 48 hours. If you have not heard from our office in three days please call us.

What am I responsible for maintaining in my home?

You are responsible for changing light bulbs, testing and maintaining the smoke detectors.

Do I need insurance?

As Tenants / Renters you are not homeowners, but you still have exposure to many of the same types of losses. That is why there is a special type of homeowner’s insurance called tenant’s or renter’s insurance. Landlord’s / Owner’s insurance does not cover tenant for personal loss or liability. First and foremost, tenants should be aware their personal property is not covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. Tenants are responsible for obtaining insurance for their personal property if they want to be covered in the event of fire, theft, or other type of loss.

At home or away…

These are other types of loss that renter’s insurance protects against include, in addition to fire and theft, a range of other losses or perils. A significant benefit is that renter’s insurance covers personal property whether that property is damaged or stolen in the tenant’s own rental unit or in another location.

Weather or not…

In most policies, renter’s insurance provides coverage for damage caused by windstorms, hail, explosions, vandalism, a riot or civil disturbance, and even a volcano! It’s important to note damage caused by earthquake or flood must be purchased separately with an endorsement to the renter’s policy or an additional policy.

Category Limits for valuables…

Like other types of homeowner’s insurance, a renter’s policy also limits coverage for some categories of personal property, such as jewelry, furs, silverware and other types of valuables. Tenants should check with their insurance agent to find out what other categories may have limited coverage under their renter’s insurance policy. If the value of their property in any of those categories exceeds the limit, tenants may be able to increase the coverage for the specific category on their renter’s policy, or insure those items separately. (If they choose to insure or schedule their valuable items separately, they may receive broader coverage and lower deductibles on those items.)

Liability coverage why tenants need it…

In addition to coverage for their personal property, a renter’s policy also provides liability coverage. Tenants may wonder why they need liability coverage when the landlord’s policy has it. The answer is simple: because the landlord’s insurance only covers landlord liability. It doesn’t cover the tenant’s liability. Renter’s insurance covers the tenant’s liability up to a set limit, as long as the tenant did not intentionally cause the loss. Liability coverage isn’t just limited to damage to others or others’ property that occurs inside the tenant’s residence. It also covers legal defense expenses and the renter’s liability outside the home.

What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?

Contact Western Property Service as soon as possible to discuss this situation in detail.

Utilities and other numbers:

Nipsco – to turn on or off your service 1-800-464-7726 Most of our apartments and houses are already wired for cable and dish Service.