Pet Policies

The Basics

We have four-legged family members running around our home. We like pets, more importantly, we like responsible pet owners. Although most Landlords do not allow pets, we do allow four-legged furry family members to reside with responsible pet owners for most (not all) of our properties.

The process is started by making a Pet Approval Request. Pets are only allowed with a signed Pet Approval Request with Western Property Service and completion of an Addendum to our lease agreement with specific guidelines for allowing pets.

There is a one-time non-refundable $200.00 pet fee that must be paid PRIOR to acquiring a pet. If you prove to be an irresponsible pet owner, your pet will leave our property.


Pets are only allowed with the prior approval from Western Property Services with a signed Pet Application and Lease Addendum on file. Tenant agrees to keep and maintain pet in accordance with all local municipal ordinances, rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the tenant to understand and follow all of the municipal ordinance, rules and regulations.

Tenant agrees to assume full liability for any damages caused by the pet to the premises and the grounds. Tenant also agrees to assume full liability for any injuries caused by the pet to persons on the premises. Tenant agrees to immediately pay for all damages and agrees to hold Lessor harmless from any claims against the lessor. Pets must be kept inside the house or apartment at all times, except when leashed and tenant is present. Pets will NOT be permitted to run free and must be attended to at all times unless they are inside the apartment/house. Any violation of this is considered a breach of the lease. Pets must NOT be tied outside in the yard or anywhere on the grounds and left unattended.

Pets must be walked off the apartment grounds when be exercised or relieved. All pet liter must be cleaned up and deposited in rubbish containers immediately. We do NOT tolerate pet waste left on the property, inside or outside. Failure to pick-up pet wasted from interior or exterior common areas is considered a breach of contract.

Where the pet disturbs the privacy of any other resident by reason of excessive noise or where the nature of any pet is vicious so as to constitute a physical hazard to children or other persons, then such pet shall be eliminated from the residence of the tenant. Tenant agrees to keep rental insurance in force that includes pet claims and to provide Western Property Service of the policy. Failure to keep the insurance current is considered a breach of contract. If tenant is away from the premises for more than one day, their pet must be kept in a kennel.

Cats must be fixed, and the litter box must never be put on carpet or stained wood flooring. Tenant agrees to be responsible for all carpet cleaning costs incurred by keeping a pet and agrees to return the carpet to an acceptable condition when apartment/house is vacated.

In any event Lessor at their sole discretion determines at any time that permission to keep a pet shall be revoked, tenant agrees to abide to said decision and remove said pet from the premises as soon as reasonably possible, but in no event longer than 14 days from formal notification. Western Property Services reserves the right to turn down a dog based upon breed or if we feel that it is an aggressive pet or has a history of being aggressive.